2 comments on “Cool, weird, awesome, annoying, humanity.

  1. Ok … now I am wondering what category of massage client I fall into! Maybe you have to add another category – the dude that comes in and falls asleep for 75% of the massage.

    I asked the person once if she’s putting sleeping stuffs on the face rest thing and then just reading a book for 45 minutes. She assured me its because I am becoming relaxed. I buy that line every time and make another appointment. But … maybe she’s right as my wife seems to think I’m a bit more mellow when I get home. (I’m sure its not the fact that there is a brew pub a block away and I often come home with a growler of beer.)

    At any rate, I liked reading this … keep on glazing people’s eyes over 🙂

    • Having a client fall asleep is a great compliment! I work on a few people who have high stress lives and getting a massage is their safe place to rest.
      Thanks for responding.
      Stay mellow.

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